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  • 1. Do I really need a professional photographer?

    Some people wonder if it's worth going to a professional photographer rather than a photo booth in a retail store or using an amateur.  The answer depends on what you want.    Consider the following:

    •  For a portrait session, a professional photographer will typically spend 2 hours or more with you.  Your session will have hundreds of images from which to choose.
    • A professional photographer knows the best locations and how to help you pose.
    •  A professional photographer may use reflectors, studio lights, and other equipment to take advantage of different lighting conditions.

    •  A professional photographer has the expertise to perform extensive Photoshop manipulations to remove braces, add people, or even make you lose 20 pounds!
    •  A professional photographer can create a "memory photo" that combines an old picture with a new image for a unique one-of-kind creation.
    •  For every 1 hour spent shooting, a professional photographer will spend an additional 2 or 3 hours cropping, color balancing,  and retouching each image by hand to remove blemishes and background distractions before burning them to your thumb drive or building your webpage.
    •  In total, a 2 hour portrait session will take 6 or 8 hours for a professional photographer to complete.  An 8 hour shoot, such as a wedding, can take 40 to 50 hours or more to complete.
    •  The equipment used by professional photographers produces high resolution images with the subject being tack sharp yet the background can be soft and blurred to reduce distractions when appropriate.

    The time and experience required to provide this level of service is significantly beyond what a typical retail store or amateur shooter can offer. We try our best to offer high quality professional services at affordable prices.

  • 2. Senior Pictures and Family Portraits

    Senior Portraits ($295*) or Single Family Sessions ($395*)

    For a simple fixed fee, we offer a complete individual portrait or single family session typically consisting of up a 2 hour photo shoot and up to 4 hours. of basic post production work. All images are retouched by hand to remove blemishes and minor background distractions.  You may choose an indoor session at the Bradley studio or an outdoor session in our gardens and nearby lake.

    For a small additional fee, you can have both an indoor and outdoor session the same day!  We're also happy to come to your home, a local park, the Plaza, or other locations in the Kansas City area.  We can even find an "urban grunge" location with rusty doors, exposed brick, and graffiti if that's your preference. If necessary we can bring studio lights and backdrops to your home*.

    We can also create unique "memory photos" by merging and manipulating images to create unique one-of-a-kind photos.

    In about 5-7 days, your retouched images will be placed on a website for your review. You will also get a "Reproduction Release" and a thumb drive with high resolution images  so you can have your pictures printed anywhere you want plus you'll have the original images for creating books, cards, videos, posting to Facebook, etc.


    *Additional charges may apply for some locations, larger family groups (over 5), extended families, special requests, additional equipment, combo sessions, advanced image manipulation, etc.   Contact us to discuss your specific needs and receive a quotation.

  • 3. Playtime Photography

    Playtime Photography (Special Pricing - Limited Time Offer)  $150*

    No studio lights, reflectors, backdrops, props, or formal posing.  No fussing about stray hairs or wardrobe changes.  Just your child doing what they love . . .  playing!  We spend an hour at a park, or a petting zoo, or your own back yard capturing your little one in their natural setting.  You’ll treasure the innocence reflected in these images.   For this affordable fixed fee you get all the digital images for creating your own books, posting to social media, and printing for family and friends.  Images are placed on a website for you to review and download at your leisure.

    • * Additional fees may apply for multiple children or locations
  • 4. Pet Photography

    Pet Photography (Special Pricing - Limited Time Offer)  $150*

    Many of us know our pets are family and we want portraits that capture their unique personality.

    * Additional fees may apply for multiple pets or locations

  • 5. Special Events

    Special Events:  Starting at $350

    Ideal for parties, family reunions, corporate events, etc.  You can relax and enjoy yourself knowing that a professional photographer will capture all the images.  The base rate includes up to 2 hours of shooting plus up to 4 hours of basic post-production work. A website will be created for your guests to review the images.

    The final price will vary depending on location, number of subjects, purpose of images, type of event, locations, remote studio requirements, and several other factors.  Contact us to discuss your special needs.

  • 6. Onsite Business Photography

    Onsite Business Photography:  Starting at $350
    Remote Studio Setup (Optional): Starting at $175   (Requires  15' x 20' of open floor space)

    Ideal for onsite professional headshots of your business associates, product photography, process documentation, marketing, etc.   The final price will depend on the time requirements, the purpose of the images, the equipment requirements, etc.  Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

  • 7. Professional Headshots

    Professional Headshots:  Starting at $100 ea.   

    Shot at the Bradley studio, your headshots will take about 30 minutes.  We will then retouch the images to remove minor blemishes and stray hairs.  Your digital images will be delivered to you within 2 business days.

    As an alternative, we can also come to your office to shoot the entire team for a consistent appearance for your website and business cards.

    The final price will depend on the time requirements, the purpose of the images, etc.  Contact us to discuss your specific needs.