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Image Manipulation (Photoshop)

Background changes
Remembrance Photos
ImgManip_Manipulation - Collage 01a
ImgManip_Christs Loving Arms(2)
Memory Photos
Selective Black & White
ImgManip_1960s Bradley _060 (Tom and Mom) - Retouched Comparison
Remove unwanted objects
ImgManip_Eiffel Tower
ImgManip_Eiffel Tower - Revised
Clothing color changes!
ImgManip_Beyer0002b Comparison
Image Restoration
ImgManip_1930's Lorenz #006 - Anna Mae, Harold, Howie
Hand Painting of Baby Pictures
ImgManip_2009-11_MomBradley_0061-Mom on Roof
Roast friends and family!
ImgManip_MuscleTom - Small with Grass Skirt
Chromakey_Reggie Minton bio pic - 2017
Chromakey Images!
Chromakey_Reggie - Gray with Vignette
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Sometimes our pictures don't turn out as planned. We have blemishes or imperfections, there are unwanted background distractions, and sometimes people are missing from important pictures. Our image manipulation and restoration services can help.  We have years of professional experience using Photoshop to restore and create unique images.

  • We can take an old faded snapshot and convert it to a beautiful digital image.
  • We can fix your once-in-a-lifetime photos to remove a fence and construction debris from your "perfect shot"
  • We can add/remove people, swap heads, or change the background of your images.
  • We can remove blemishes, change the color of your dress, or help you lose 20 pounds!
  • We can use existing images to create unique "remembrance photos" to honor a loved one on a special day.
  • We can create a large mosaic using thousands of tiny images to produce wall art.


Please contact us regarding your unique needs or view our price list for general information. We will tailor our services to your specific requirements and provide you with a detailed Professional Services Quotation.

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