Price List

Price List

Some people wonder if it's worth going to a professional photographer rather than a photo booth in a retail store or using an amateur.  The answer depends on what you want.    Consider the following:

•  For a portrait session, a professional photographer will typically spend 2 hours or more with you.  Your session will include multiple locations and have hundreds of images from which to choose.
•  A professional photographer knows the best locations and how to help you pose.
•  A professional photographer may use reflectors, studio lights, and other equipment to take advantage of different lighting conditions.

•  A professional photographer has the expertise to perform extensive Photoshop manipulations to remove braces, add people, or even make you lose 20 pounds!
•  For every 1 hour spent shooting, a professional photographer will spend an additional 2 or 3 hours in Post Processing cropping, color balancing, tweaking the exposure and retouching each image by hand to reduce blemishes and minimize background distractions.
•  The equipment used by professional photographers produces high resolution images with the subject being tack sharp yet the background can be soft and blurred to reduce distractions when appropriate.

The time and experience required to provide this level of service is significantly beyond what a typical retail store or amateur shooter can offer. Simply taking the picture is just a small part of the process and you will see the difference in the final images.

We try our best to offer high quality professional services at affordable prices.  We can work with nearly any budget.

Senior Portraits ($325   $295 special pricing) or Single Family Sessions ($440   $395 special pricing)

Special Offer: Free Memory Photo!

For a simple fixed fee, we offer a complete individual portrait or single family session typically consisting of up to a 2 hour photo shoot and up to 4 hours of basic Post Processing work.  All images are retouched by hand to reduce minor blemishes and minimize background distractions.  You may choose either an indoor session at the Bradley studio or an outdoor session in our gardens, wildflower field, and nearby lake for the prices noted above. For a small additional fee*, you can have both an indoor and outdoor session the same day!  Bradley Studio and Gardens

For a slightly higher rate, we're also happy to come to your home, a local park, the Plaza, or other locations in the Kansas City area.  We can even find an "urban grunge" location with rusty doors, exposed brick, and graffiti if that's your preference. If necessary we can bring studio lights and backdrops to your home.  We can also create unique "memory photos" by merging and manipulating images to create unique one-of-a-kind photos.

In about 5-7 days, your retouched images will be placed on a web gallery for your review. You will also get a "Reproduction Release" and a thumb drive with high resolution images  so you can have your pictures printed anywhere you want plus you'll have the original images for creating books, cards, videos, posting to Facebook, etc.

*Additional charges will apply for off site locations, larger family groups (over 5 people), extended families, photo merging, extensive Photoshop work, combo sessions, etc.  Contact us to discuss your specific needs and receive a detailed Professional Service Quotation. Special offers are not valid with other discounts.

Please contact us regarding your unique needs and to schedule an appointment.

Wedding Services:  Call for a quotation

Our approach to wedding photography is a combination of 3 elements: 1) Creativity, 2) Attention to detail, and 3) Organization and planning.   Prior to the event we will tour the venue, discuss your preferences, identify the shooting locations, and get a clear understanding of your needs and expectations.  We have the flexibility to shoot a small intimate ceremony or bring in studio lights to illuminate a large sanctuary.

Example of a Full Day Wedding Coverage for Average Size Wedding (Approx $2295):
•  Primary photographer for the day of the event (6-8 hrs.)
•  Secondary photographer / assistant for the event (6-8 hrs.)
•  Studio lights for the formal pictures
•  Shoot at 2 locations:  Church & Reception Hall
•  Approximately 2000-2500 images will be shot at the event.
•  Of those, typically 500-750 images will be selected as "keepers" for final delivery.
•  Each of the final images will be retouched by hand to improve the color balance, lighting, reduce blemishes and minimize background distractions (approx 40-50 hrs of post production work).
•  We will create a website gallery of images for family and friends to view.
•  We will provide a "Reproduction Release" and high resolution images for the bride and groom's exclusive use so they can have prints made anywhere they want.

Some photographers will shoot 2 or 3 weddings per weekend forcing you to wait months for your pictures.  We limit our services to one wedding per week in order to maintain a turnaround time of typically 5-7 business days.

Your quotation will be customized based on the size and complexity of the event, the location, the number of shooting sites, event length, the number of photographers needed, etc. We can work with nearly any budget by very affordably covering a small ceremony or we can utilize multiple photographers to cover a major event at multiple locations.

Please contact us to talk about your special day and receive a detailed Professional Services Quotation.

Playtime Photography (Special Pricing - Limited Time Offer)  $150*

No studio lights, reflectors, backdrops, props, or formal posing.  No fussing about stray hairs or wardrobe changes.  Just your child doing what they love . . .  playing!  We spend an hour at a park, or a petting zoo, or your own back yard capturing your little one in their natural setting.  You’ll treasure the innocence reflected in these images.   For this affordable fixed fee you get all the digital images for creating your own books, posting to social media, and printing for family and friends.  Images are placed on a web gallery for you to review and download at your leisure.

* Additional fees may apply for multiple children or locations

Please contact us regarding your unique needs and to schedule an appointment.

Pet Photography - Up to22% Off   *

  • Snuggle Session $150 $125 special pricing
  • "Under Paw" Session  $225 $175 special pricing
  • Combination $325   $275 special pricing

We know our pets are family and we want portraits that show their unique personality.  We have a passion for animals and love to capture their beauty and the love we have for our babies.

  • Snuggle sessions are tradition portraits of your pet alone plus shots with one family member.   These can be in our studio, gardens, or wildflower field. These sessions are about 45 minutes in length and include 1 hour of post production work.
  • "Under Paw" sessions are shot through a large glass platform while your pet plays and enjoys treats unaware of the camera below. You remain right by their side the entire session. They love the attention and you'll love the images. These are truly a one-of-a-kind creation that captures the unique personality and beauty of your pet. These sessions are about 1 hour in length and include 2 hours of post production work to create your final images.  Under Paw video
  • For each session, you'll receive 5 retouched high resolution images delivered in one to two business day.

* Tax not included in price.  Additional fees may apply for multiple pets, off-site locations such as your home, and additional family members.  These are special prices offered for a limited time. No coupons or additional discounts accepted.

Please contact us regarding your unique needs and to schedule an appointment.

Special Events:  Starting at $350

Ideal for parties, family reunions, corporate events, etc.  You can relax and enjoy yourself knowing that a professional photographer will capture all the images.  The base rate includes up to 2 hours of shooting plus up to 4 hours of basic post production work. A web gallery will be created for your guests to review the images.

The final price will vary depending on location, number of subjects, purpose of images, type of event, locations, remote studio requirements, and several other factors.  Please contact us regarding your unique needs and receive a detailed Professional Services Quotation.

Mini-Sessions (Special Pricing - No coupons)  Starting at $100*

Mini-sessions are great for individuals who just need a few professional pictures but don't need multiple locations or extensive posing.  We will shoot the images in the Bradley Studio, or one of our outdoor gardens, or our lake.  No wardrobe changes or traveling to different locations.   Just 20-30 minutes with a professional photographer and then within 24 hours you'll have 3 retouched images you can share or have printed anywhere you want.  This is great option for a yearbook, special occasion, social media, or dating site.

Please contact us regarding your unique needs and to schedule an appointment.

Professional Headshots at the Bradley Studio:  Starting at $100 ea.   

Shot at the Bradley studio with a traditional backdrop, your headshots will take about 20 minutes.  You'll see the images as they are shot so you can pick the 3 shots you like best.  We will then retouch the images to remove minor blemishes and stray hairs.  Your retouched digital images will be delivered to you the next business day.  For a slight additional charge, we can also book longer sessions to accommodate wardrobe changes, background changes, etc.

For the convenience of your team, we can also come to your office with a portable studio shoot the entire team for a consistent appearance for your website and business cards.

You might also consider a "corporate casual" look for a less formal appearance that showcases your office environment.   These more relaxed images are sometimes more comfortable for your team and they can appear very warm and inviting to your clients. See Onsite Business Photography pricing.

There are many options so please contact us regarding your unique needs and receive a Professional Services Quotation.

Onsite Business Photography:  Starting at $450  
(Includes the travel time to Johnson Co. location, setup time, up to 2 hours of shooting & up to 4 hrs post production)

Portable Studio Setup (Optional): +$175 
(Includes up to 4 lights, formal backdrop, and laptop.  Requires 15' x 20' of open floor space)

Ideal for onsite professional headshots and team photos of your business associates, product photography, process documentation, marketing, real estate, etc.  All images are retouched by hand.

The final price will depend on the location, the time requirements, the purpose of the images, the equipment requirements, the amount of post production manipulation, etc.  Please contact us regarding your unique needs and to receive a detailed Professional Services Quotation.

Product Photography:  Starting at $440 $395 (special pricing)  at the Bradley Studio
(Includes up to 2 hours of shooting & up to 4 hrs post production)

Ideal for situations where you need high quality professional images to represent your business in print or online.  We can provide per image pricing for smaller shoots or an hourly rate for your high volume needs.  Each image is retouched by hand and usually delivered within 2-3 business days of the shoot.

You will have full reproduction rights to use the images in any commercial capacity.

Please contact us regarding your unique needs and to receive a detailed Professional Services Quotation.

Videography Services:  Call for a quotation

Ideal for situations where you need high quality professional video to represent your business to potential clients in resolution up to 4K.  The time required to produce high quality video will vary significantly depending on many factors including the number of scenes, the number of locations, setup times, props, models, length of the final output, etc.   We will need to discuss your project in detail so I can provide you with a Professional Services Quotation but here are some ballpark prices for a typical video shoot:

1/4 Day - Includes 2 hrs onsite plus 6 hrs of post production work to create your video:  $750
• 1/2 Day - Includes 4 hrs onsite plus 12 hrs of post production work to create your video:  $1200
•  Full Day - Includes 8 hrs onsite plus 24 hrs of post production work to create your video: $2000

Prices include wireless mics, studio lights, and other equipment necessary to product your high quality professional video.  You will have full reproduction rights to use the video in any commercial capacity.

Please contact us regarding your unique needs and to receive a detailed Professional Services Quotation.

Basic Residential Real Estate Photography starting at:
•  $200 - less than 1500 sq. ft.
•  $225 - 1501 to 2500 sq. ft.
•  $250 - 2501 to 3500 sq. ft.
•  $300 - 3501 to 5000 sq. ft.
•  Twilight exterior images +$150

Commercial/Fine Art Real Estate Photography
•  Call


Buyers can tell the difference between simple snapshots and professional photographs of your property.  To make the best impression, we use wide angle lenses to maximize the room size and then correct any wall distortion using Photoshop.  We can also fix color casts that might appear in some images because of paint or carpeting colors.  For properties with poor lighting we can bring in external lights to illuminate closets and dark corners. Pools, outbuildings, and extensive landscapes can also be captured to create a welcoming impression of your property.

You will be able to download your images after 5:00 PM on the next business day.


Contact us to talk about your commercial or residential real estate needs.  We will provide you with a detailed professional services quotation before any work is done.



Custom Digital Paintings and Sketches: Starting at $50 

These are not simple one-click creations.  We start the process by discussing your specific needs and evaluating your picture. We will either reduce background distractions or completely remove the subject and place them in a different setting for the best possible result. Additional people can be inserted or objects removed. The complete sketching process will take about 2 business days for final delivery. You will get a high resolution digital file that you can have printed anywhere you want. These look AMAZING when printed on canvas! Depending on your preferences, we can produce digital images similar to pencil sketches, watercolors, or heavy oil paintings.

The quality of the original picture, the number of subjects, the amount of image manipulation, and the complexity of the final image will impact the price.  You simply email us a picture and we provide you an estimate.



3 Dimensional Painting on Canvas: Starting at $100  (plus the image creation cost)

After we create the digital painting, some clients want to go the next step and create a "3D painting" for them to display.  To achieve this unique product, we print the image on canvas and then hand paint the canvas with an acrylic to recreate the depth and texture of real brush strokes.  It looks similar to a real painting at a fraction of the cost.

Contact Us for more information and a quotation.

Much like songs and movies, digital images are considered "tangible property" because the buyer has ownership of the product, it can be transferred to another person, and it endures over time so it is therefore tangible and subject to sales tax. Unlike a true service, such as childcare or singing at a wedding where there is no tangible product remaining after the event, the photographer's services are for the sole purpose of producing the final product.  A photographer is essentially like paying a craftsman to create a custom dining room table.  All of the craftsman's effort is going into creating a final product and so the entire cost of creating the table is taxable (not just the physical wood).

It's also important to differentiate between "hobby photographers" versus true professionals.  All professional businesses are bound by state and federal tax laws.   Those who do photography as a hobby operate under the radar and typically do not collect taxes.

We use PayPal, Venmo, or Apple Pay to securely process credit cards and electronic payments.  Checks are also accepted.

Payment is required at the end of your session. If prints are ordered, payment is due when the order is placed.  You can pay your order in person or online.

These days many customers want to have digital images of their entire session. We try to honor their request but warn that this practice has both advantages and disadvantages.

Advantage: It gives you complete control over your costs and you can use the images for a variety of purposes (reprints, social media, books, videos, etc.). For many, this works out very well.

Disadvantage: Some customers get their photos printed based on a low cost or convenient location rather than evaluating where to get the best product. Some will also try to do their own retouching or color balancing. As a result, many photographers refuse to allow non-professional reprints because it negatively impacts the quality of their work and harms their reputation. For a photographer, quality is critical to their ongoing business.

I try to reach some middle ground by providing images for customers to use but encouraging them towards professional prints for display on for your wall or desk. Here are a few things to consider:

1. Better color / Better Paper
Professional print labs use higher quality ink, better equipment, and better paper that gives them more control to accurately reproduce your photos. Better ink + Better equipment + Better paper = Better prints.

The print services offered by drug stores and retail stores don’t even come close. Their prints are typically not as sharp, they’re frequently dark, they may have erratic cropping, and they frequently have red or green color shifts. Many retailers also print on thin lightweight paper.

2. Sizes and Options
Professional labs offer many more sizes and printing options. As one example, all of my large professional prints are mounted on a foam core or mat board. This produces a rigid backing for easy framing and long term display without wrinkles. Large prints from drug stores and retail stores are typically rolled up like a cheap poster and secured with a rubber band!

3. Consistency and Quality
People who work at professional labs are true print specialists. They strive to produce the best looking results since that is their only business. At a professional lab, each image is reviewed and the printer is calibrated by an actual human being. They are trained to produce high quality prints every time. With drug store and retail store prints, the quality can largely depend on who’s working that day. Many know little more than how to turn the machine on.

Does it really make a difference?
Absolutely. Professional prints are sharper, the colors are more vibrant and accurate, and you can feel the difference in the paper. Because of the higher quality, professional prints will stand the test of time.

What’s the bottom line?
As most things in life, I believe you need a balance. Most customers do a combination of professional and consumer grade reprints. If you’re just storing pictures in an envelope or scrap book for occasional review, or handing out large quantities of small pictures to acquaintances, then going the less expensive route is perfectly fine. It can save you some money. But if you need long term display of a treasured image, especially large framed photos for your desk or wall, professional prints are the only way to go. They are well worth the additional cost because you will notice the difference.